We love computers – finding out solutions for any issues they have is what we live for!

At Captain Computers, we are here to bring your computers back to working order. We give them the attention they need and deserve with any problems that need our attention. Here, we also care about the local community and customers and help them solve their computer problems.

We are problem solvers.

We know how it feels to have a broken computer with no access to your memories. We’ve all been there, and it is not a great feeling. Hence, for us, a computer that needs repair is not just another number, but it is someone’s memories, hard work, and passion that we are driven to help keep going. Every computer is important, and we are dedicated to helping you solve a problem, make your lives easier, or even help achieve a goal you are striving for every day.

OUR PROMISE – 100% Satisfaction & Reliability

It’s our passion to deal with problems and fix them right away. That’s the reason we take ownership of the work we do and offer warranties for them. If we are unable to resolve your problem, we’ll do it again – for free!


If someone else was working with our devices or data, we’d certainly want them to keep us up with the whole process. That’s why we keep you in the loop throughout the entire restoration. We spend as long as it takes to make sure your inquiries get answered in English so you can understand the process.

OUR MOTTO – Professionalism & Integrity

At our core, we function on expertise, proven methods, and integrity. We are friendly, but we take our work very seriously. We operate differently and throw the irrelevancies out. We don’t need to compete with other companies, we are our own competition, and we believe in delivering better each day!